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Marketing Plan

Business Plan – Executive Summary

Houston College of Education Information & Career Counseling (HCEIC) is a registered and licensed education consulting organization under Ministry of Education based in Nepal. Our organization handles all aspect of education related services; pre admission counseling to post landing services. Houston Education is a student– focused and result driven education consulting firm that provides broad- based services at an affordable fee.  We offer standard and professional guiding services to all to our individual students. We will ensure that we work hard to meet and surpass our student’s expectations whenever they hire our services. Everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics. We are aware that to run a standard education consulting business can be demanding which is why we have workforce of well trained, certified and experienced professional to perform excellently well. Our plan is to position our organization to become the leading brand in the testing and educational support industry in the whole Nepal, and also to be amongst the top educational consulting firms in Nepal. This might look too tall a dream but we are optimistic that this will surely be realized because we have done our research and feasibility studies and we are enthusiastic and confident that we can achieve our targeted goal.

Our product and services

Houston Education is going to offer varieties of services within the scope of educational consulting business in Nepal. Our intention of starting our education consulting organization is to connect our young Nepalese generation to wide world of best education and unlimited opportunities. We are well prepared to achieve our goal and we will do all that is permitted by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal to achieve our business goals, aim and ambition. Our business offerings are listed below;

  • Providing Test Preparation classes such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc.
  • Providing college selection services.
  • Providing educational and career guidance counseling services.
  • Proving up to date information on institutions abroad, courses, changing policies of institution and rules to be follow under student visa.
  • Providing admission guidance .
  • Proving assistance on selecting suitable accommodation.
  • Proving assistance regarding documentation.
  • Providing pre-departure briefing.
  • Providing travel assistance.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to position Houston Education to become the leading brands in the educational consultancy field in the whole of Nepal, and to become the top education consulting firm in the Nepal within 10 years from now.

Our Business Structure

We have our head office in Pokhara and we also have launched another office in the capital city Kathmandu as well. Our office is centrally located with well facilitated transportation which is easily accessible. We have perfected plans to get it right from the beginning which is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we have competent, honest and hardworking employees to occupy all the available positions in our organization. To ensure our success we have hire working professional that are qualified, honest, hardworking, customer centric and are ready to work to help us build a prosperous business that will benefit all the stake holders (the owners, workforce, students and their parents).
As a matter of fact, profit-sharing arrangement will be made available to all our senior management staff and it will be based on their performance or more depending how fast we meet our set target. In view of that, we have decided to hire qualified and competent hands to occupy the following positions;

  • Chief Executive Officer/ Managing Director.
  • International Counselors.
  • Admin and HR Manager.
  • International Coordinator.
  • Accountant.
  • Customer Care Executive / Front Desk Officer.

Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director:

  1. Increases management’s effectiveness by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, coaching, counseling, and disciplining staffs; communicating values, strategies, and objectives; assigning accountabilities; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results; developing incentives; developing a climate for offering information and opinions; providing educational opportunities.
  2. Creates, communicates, and implements the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction – i.e. leading the development and implementation of the overall organization’s strategy.
  3. Responsible for signing business deals.
  4. Responsible for providing direction for the business.
  5. Creates, communicates and implements the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction – i.e. leading the development and implementation of the overall organization’s strategy.
  6. Evaluates the success of the organization.

International Counselor

  1. Responsible for building good relation with the students and their guardian.
  2. Responsible for providing college selection services.
  3. Responsible for providing up to date information.
  4. Responsible for providing advice to students in specific curriculum decisions including the choice and scheduling of courses, selection or change of majors and minors, etc.
  5. Responsible for providing Counseling and advice to students in making career related decisions.
  6. Responsible for organizing and presenting Educational fairs and seminars.

Correspondence and HR Manager

  1. Responsible for overseeing the smooth running administrative tasks for the organization.
  2. Regularly hold meetings with head review the effectiveness of HR Policies, Procedures and Processes.
  3. Maintains office supplies by checking stocks; placing and expediting orders; evaluating new products.
  4. Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; calling for repairs.
  5. Defines job positions for recruitment and managing interviewing process.
  6.  Responsible for training, evaluation and assessment of employees.
  7.  Responsible for arranging travel, meetings and appointments.
  8. Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
  9. Oversees the smooth running of the daily office activities.

International Coordinator

  1. Identifies, prioritizes, and reaches out to new partners, and business opportunities.
  2. Identifies development opportunities; follows up on development leads and contacts; participates in the structuring and financing of projects; assures the completion of relevant projects.
  3. Writes winning proposal documents.
  4. Responsible for handling business research, marker surveys and feasibility studies for clients.
  5. Responsible for supervising implementation, advocate for the customer’s needs, and communicate with clients.
  6. Develops, executes and evaluates new plans for expanding increase sales.
  7. Documents all customer contact and information.
  8. Represent the organization in strategic meetings.
  9. Help increase sales and growth for the organization.


  1. Responsible for preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization.
  2. Creates reports from the information concerning the financial transactions recorded by the bookkeeper
  3. Prepares the income statement and balance sheet using the trial balance and ledgers prepared by the bookkeeper.
  4. Provides managements with financial analyses, development budgets, and accounting reports; analyzes financial feasibility for the most complex proposed projects; conducts market research to forecast trends and business conditions.
  5. Responsible for financial forecasting and risks analysis.
  6. Performs cash management, general ledger accounting, and financial reporting for one or more properties.
  7. Responsible for developing and managing financial systems and policies.
  8. Responsible for administering payrolls.
  9. Ensures compliance with taxation legislation.
  10. Handles all financial transactions for the company.
  11. Serves as internal auditor for the organization

Front Desk Officer

  1. Welcomes students and clients by greeting them in person or on the telephone; answering or directing inquiries.
  2. Ensures that all contacts with clients (e-mail, walk-In center, SMS or phone) provides the client with a personalized customer service experience of the highest level.
  3. Through interaction with clients on the phone, uses every opportunity to build client’s interest in the company’s products and services.
  4. Manages administrative duties assigned by the manager in an effective and timely manner.
  5. Consistently stays abreast of any new information on the organization’s products, promotional campaigns etc. to ensure accurate and helpful information is supplied to students.
  6. Receives parcels / documents for the organization.
  7. Distributes mails in the organization.
  8. Handles any other duties as assigned the line manager.

Education Consulting Business Plan – SWOT Analysis

Going by our vision, our mission and the kind of business we want to run, we conducted SWOT analysis. As a company, we look forward to maximizing our strength and opportunities and also to work around our weaknesses and threats. Here is a summary from the result of the SWOT analysis:


Our core strength lies in the power of our team; our workforce. We have a team of highly qualified education consultants and support staff members that can go all the way to give our students & their guardian value for their money; a team that are trained, qualified and equipped to pay attention to details and to deliver excellent education consulting services. We are well positioned and we know we the first day we open our doors for business.


In the competitive edge environment, there are numerous renowned consultancies to compete with. So, it might take some time for any organization to break into the market and become top brand in the already saturated educational support industry; that is perhaps our major weakness.


The opportunities in the consultancy business are massive considering the increasing number of aspiring students ready to take on abroad studies. In current context, Nepal does not just export students to foreign countries, but is also a destination for foreign students, primarily from India, who come here to study medicine. For these students, medical colleges in Nepal are not just cheaper but are also reputed for being of a certain quality. This has allowed policymakers room to argue that Nepal could be turned into an educational hub, reversing the present brain drain into brain gain. Joining these policymakers to make a case for Nepal are the managers of foreign-affiliated colleges and education consultancies, who argue that the country has great potential to attract international education if the government comes up with practical polices by taking the private sector into confidence. Among the strengths that Nepal boasts, in addition to its colleges, are the weather, diverse geography and cultures, and the large Nepali-speaking community to the south and another large population to the north that wants to learn English. Nepal could potentially also tap into large numbers of students from as far away as Myanmar and Cambodia. So, we will have the bigger chance of recruiting not only Nepalese students but international students as well. As a standard and well – positioned education consulting company, we are ready to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way.


Some of the threats that we are likely going to face as an education consulting firm operating in the Nepal are unfavorable government policies, the arrival of a competitor within our location of operations and changing rules & regulations of student visa. There is hardly anything we can do as regards these threats other than to be optimistic that things will continue to work for our good.


Nepal emerging as an important growth market for international education.

Demographic and economic shifts in Nepal, mirroring those occurring in other Asian nations, have resulted in a sharp increase in the country’s under-25 population and a rise in middle class incomes. As a result, record numbers of Nepalese students have been opting for foreign education.

It is likely that outbound student mobility from Nepal is going to increase further in the near term.  The country’s population is becoming more affluent and is growing – the government expects the population to increase from 29 million to 33.6 million by 2031. Demographically, Nepal is currently experiencing a “youth bulge phase”:  World Bank data shows that the share of university-age youths among the Nepali population (ages 20 to 29) stood at about 36 percent in 2016 and analysts expect Nepal to be among the countries with the fastest growing population of 18 to 22-year-olds in the coming years.

This growth of the youth population will increase demand for education and burden the education system. As ICEF Monitor has noted, the situation in Nepal mirrors mobility patterns in other South Asian countries, in which rapidly growing demand for education outstrips supply. Mobility is expected to grow particularly at the graduate level – a sector that is underdeveloped in Nepal with less than one percent of university campuses offering Ph.D. programs, for instance.  The British Council noted in a recent study that Nepal will be one of the top ten countries with the strongest growth rates in outbound mobility over the next decade along with countries like China, India, Pakistan, and Nigeria. The Council anticipates that the number of international Nepali students will increase by another 20,000 students by 2027.

Our Target Market

As a standard and licensed education consultancy, Houston Education offers a wide range of education consulting services. The demographic and psychographics composition of those who need the services of education consulting services providers cut across students and schools at all levels. Houston Education will initially serve the students from all over Nepal.

Education Consulting Business Plan

MARKETING STRATEGY (Publicity and Advertising Strategy)

We know that it is important to create strategies that will help us boost our brand awareness and to create a corporate identity for our education consultancy .Our sales and marketing team will be recruited base on their vast experience in relevant field and they will be trained on a regular basis so as to be well equipped to meet their targets and the overall goal of the organization.
Houston Education is set to make use of the following marketing and sales strategies to attract prospective students;

  • Introduce our education consulting firm business by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure to the education institutions abroad.
  • Advertise our business in relevant magazines, newspapers, TV stations, and radio station.
  • List our education consulting firm business on yellow pages’ ads (local directories)
  • Encourage the use of word of mouth publicity from our loyal and satisfied students
  • Organizing and Conducting business expos, seminars, and business fairs
  • Leverage on the internet and social media platforms like; YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other platforms to promote our business.
  • Engage in direct marketing approach
  • Ensure that we position our banners and billboards in strategic positions all around various cities of Nepal
  • Distribute our fliers in target areas in and around our neighborhood
  • Advertise our business in our official website and employ strategies that will help us pull traffic to the site

We know that one of the ways of gaining approval and winning students over is to offer our education consultancy and advisory services need extra advertising strategies. Houston Education will make sure that the right foundation, structures and processes are put in place to ensure that our staff welfare is well taken of. Our company’s corporate culture is designed to drive our business to greater heights and training and re – training of our workforce is at the top burner of our business strategy.

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