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Study in Europe

Europe is almost unmanageable wealth of attraction with diversity of different nations but one unity soul of European. The choice is endless – from highly ranked research universities to smaller, specialized European colleges. European courses will open your eyes to new opportunities – and give you an education that employers around the world will really value and respect. No matter where you choose to study, you’ll only be a short train ride or flight away from other countries and cultures. Studying in Europe allows you to explore the world – while you study and when you finish your Degree in Europe. Europe has developed a quality assurance scheme, covering all European higher education courses. You’ll find European degrees are great value for money – tuition fees and living expenses are very reasonable, international scholarships are widely available, and education is highly valued in all countries. Study in Europe and make your educational dreams turn into a full-blown reality.

There are various countries to choose from:


The heart of Europe, Netherlands is the field of blooming education. Netherlands welcomes all the international students to the unique, inspiring and artistic nation exploring their path of success through the world class institutions of Netherlands. The Netherlands is characterized by an open-mindedness that welcomes the unknown and approaches challenges in a creative way. The Netherlands is now home to over 200 different nationalities, making the Netherlands a melting pot of cultures, opinions and views. As a graduate from a Dutch university, students will have the exciting chance to stay and work in Netherlands exploring the opportunities in the international markets after their degree. With favorable visa options for international students, both during and after studies, Netherlands is a very popular study destination.

Why study in Netherlands?

  • Live in one of the world’s safest and friendliest country.
  • World renowned Education with an astounding 13 globally-ranked universities in QS’s World University Rankings 2017.
  • 2,100 + programmes taught in English.
  • Innovative teaching methods.
  • Affordable high quality education & living expenses.
  • Be part of an international community.
  • An international and multicultural environment.
  • Get plenty of international career opportunities.
  • Start a career in Netherlands after graduation.
  • Have the rest of Europe at your doorstep.


Denmark is a kingdom of thriving cities and idyllic landscapes; an innovative society with a green lifestyle, a nation with colorful culture & exotic cuisine. Each year students from around the world come to Denmark to pursue a quality education in a friendly, safe and innovation-driven environment. Denmark has been acting as a global platform for the students to shake hands with other friends from different part of globe acknowledging their different cultures. Universities in Denmark are known for their thriving learning environment and high standard education. Study in Denmark and get the taste of its fun & enriching experiences that will help you gain an excellent foundation for your future career.

Why study in Denmark?

  • Top rated universities.
  • A wide range of degrees taught in English.
  • Problem based learning method, encouraging innovation & creativity
  • Internationally recognized degrees.
  • Innovative teaching styles.
  • Interesting classes with a wide range of topics.
  • Exciting outdoor activities.
  • Be a part of multicultural community.
  • Easy visa processing & no travel complication.
  • Gateway to other European countries.


Germany is a beautiful country with soul-stirring scenery, spirit-lifting culture, big-city beauties, and half-timbered towns. Germany is becoming a magnet for international students from all over the world. Germany is the ideal country to be studying abroad; it has a rich and complex history, an invigorating culture and fun loving people, and something every student looks forward to in a new country. On the other hand, its Universities are ranked among the best in the world, it offers innovative and international programs as well as the work discipline every professional shall dream of having. Germany is a very diverse and interesting country in almost every aspect therefore it’s worth exploring its natural as well as intellectual resources.

Why study in Germany?

  • International prestige.
  • Scheme of Free Education.
  • The wide-variety of study and research disciplines.
  • Diverse educational and research institutions.
  • Highly developed research infrastructure.
  • Good employment prospect.
  • Good living Standard.
  • High academic standards.
  • Discover the beauty and diversity of Germany.
  • Large international community


Famed for its rich history, beautiful sights and sophisticated way of life, France is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. The heart of Western Europe, France is a beautiful country of rich history, the home of world famous cuisine, a nation of highly ranked universities. Living in France means soaking up all the culture. Thousands of international students flock there each year in search of high quality education and ‘la belle vie’ (the beautiful way of life). The French are passionate about higher education and invest heavily in education.  France holds a unique position as far as its education system is concerned. In spite of the unique decentralized approach, the education system is excellent. Moreover, universal elements are present. An egalitarian outlook, immense funding opportunities and opportunities for international students to try out cross-curricular activities are some of the facets of French education system. Come to France, Experience & enrich the joy of living & study.

Why study in France?

There are many reasons why France features high in the list of overseas education destinations for students worldwide.

  • World ranking institutions.
  • Affordable education & living expenses.
  • Excellent teaching & guidance.
  • Various scholarship programmes for international students.
  • Numerous courses in English.
  • Amazing cultural hubs.
  • An environment favorable to innovation and to young entrepreneurs.
  • Student friendly.Great job opportunity.


Luxembourg is known as the charming slice of Northern Europe. Being the only sovereign Grand Duchy in the world only reinforces that enchanted thought. This beautiful Western European country may be the perfect choice for a student looking to study abroad. Although it is one of the tiniest countries in the world, Luxembourg offers a splendidly cosmopolitan environment and a home to plenty of top-ranked universities. Luxembourg is a modern society that is both multilingual and multicultural. In recent years, over 6,000 students, from 100 different countries, decide to study abroad in Luxembourg. One of Luxembourg’s priorities is: “Education and Learning in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts”.

Why study in Luxembourg?

  • High quality universities.
  • High-quality infrastructures.
  • Numerous courses taught in English.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Diversity.
  • Multicultural and multilingual environment.


Many international students are interested in studying in Finland. Finland is a beautiful country with a distinct and historic culture, beautiful architecture and a fascinating way of life. Studying in Finland is a very enriching experience that brings you to a very different and special culture. Located in Europe, Finland is home to some very exceptional colleges with an array of degree programs. Finland leaves behind the traditional methodologies to give way to an innovative pedagogy, in which creativity, experimentation and collaboration are fostered over memorization.In Finland there are many very active student organizations that offer activities also for foreign students. International students in Finland will truly have an exceptional educational experience and have the opportunity to take in life in a foreign nation. Studying in Finland is a great opportunity, and international students should seriously consider the prospect.

Why study in Finland?

  • Vibrant International Community
  • Strong Local Culture.
  • The Top Notch Institutions.
  • World Class Education.
  • Everyone Speaks English.
  • Modern Research Universities.
  • Ideal Location.
  • Well Connected with Other Countries.
  • An Affordable Destination.
  • The Rich diversity.


“The Kingdom of Norway” is known for its spectacular natural beauty. Norway sets itself apart from other lands in Europe. With unique designs, infrastructure, music and language, international students can find much to discover. Staying and Studying in Norway has a lot of perks. Norway maintains a potent and an innovative economy, providing students with infinite possibilities to thrive.

In Norway, the university degrees, Masters and PhDs can be received for free. Norway has a lot of fields you can study in, as well as a lot of high quality institutions. Norwegian institutions of higher education and research offer many opportunities for international students to study and work. Norway received a final score of 9 out of 10, taking seventh place in Europe terms of international student satisfaction.

Why study in Norway?

  • Top education Institution.
  • High Living standard.
  • Public funded Higher Education.
  • Several Exchange and Scholarship programs.
  • Work while you Study.
  • Safe, Secure and Welcoming Environment.


Sweden is a delightful country with a long history and unique culture, which makes it a great study abroad destination for international students. Sweden is a beautiful country in its own right, but that’s certainly not the main reason students are flocking to the country for their higher education. Sweden has a long and proud history of academic excellence and despite its relatively small population, its home to some of the world’s best universities.  The teaching model applied at Swedish universities is based on the motto ‘freedom with responsibility’. This means that students experience less teacher-led time and mainly pursue studies on their own or in groups. Studying in Sweden is unique, and you will not find an experience like it anywhere else in the world.

Why study in SWEDEN?

  • Affordable tuition fees and low living expenses.
  • Work while you study.
  • Work after completion of your studies.
  • Learn skills for global career.
  • Great quality education at globally recognized and breathtaking campuses.
  • Innovative Learning.
  • Renowned Cultural and Social Diversity.
  • Great Quality of life.
  • No language barrier..
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